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  • Fans log on free of charge in-stadium, at home, in a bar/restaurant; provide demographic info on initial signup.

  • Fans earn points competing online by answering questions on future in-game outcomes.

  • Scored instantly providing immediate feedback and point totals.

  • Fans exchange points for prizes determined by each team, including once-in-a-lifetime sports experiences, such as on-field practice, batting/pitching lesson, meeting their favorite player.


For Fans

  • A simple, free, easy way to actively engage in a sporting event
  • Ability to compete for points among friends and family.
  • Collect points to win prizes and special sports experiences.
  • Possibility of a lifetime sports experience with the team.
  • Marketing offers targeted to sports fans.
  • Can participate in-stadium, in/out of home.
  • Can be enjoyed by sports novices and experts alike.

For Sports Organizations

  • Direct portal to fans creating first-hand, personal engagement.
  • Enhanced insights into fans and their behavior, provided free in exchange for prizes.
  • Enhanced interactive experience for the team’s fans.
  • A method of addressing the need to engage interactively with every activity (especially among millennials).
  • Cross promotion of team sponsor's information.

For Advertisers

  • Targeted and general direct marketing information for demographics that watch broadcast or live sporting events.
  • Pay-per-touch advertising platform.
  • Promotional and sponsorship opportunities which also tie to the professional or college sports team.
  • Increased visibility and exposure for sport/products.
  • A unique, more targeted mobile marketing opportunity.

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We are seeking investors and strategic partners. If you would like a copy of our business plan please feel free to call or email us and let us know how you imagine we could work together.

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If you are interested in making Your Game USA available to your fans please feel free to call or email us.

Call Rick Odekirk at (949) 533-5864


Rick Odekirk

Founder, Big League Dreams
Former professional baseball player

Jimmie Lee Solomon

21-year MLB executive
Former VP of Baseball Operations

Kirk Stewart

CEO, KTStewart
Former chief communications officer of Nike

Donn Johnson

30-year career in computer hardware/software sales
Baseball Instructor

Jim Jacques

CEO, United Virtual Office
20+ year career in business and finance

Bill Russell

18-year Dodger veteran
Former head of community relations for Big League Dreams

Wally Joyner

20-year veteran with the Angels, Royals, Padres
Former community relations consultant for Big League Dreams

Dusty Baker

19-year MLB career with Dodgers and Braves
20-year career MLB manager; currently with Washington Nationals
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